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Grillers Choice

25 PC Grillers Set- Hand Selected Grilling Tool Kit by Chef and BBQ Judge. No Other Barbecue Tool Set Like This One.

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The Pro Griller Set was designed for the grilling, smoking, BBQ enthusiast. Each item in the set was hand selected by a certified competition BBQ judge and avid griller. There is no other set available like this one and it provides a substantial savings over buying each individual item. By bundling all the items, we were able to pass along a 61% savings! Whether this set is for you or for a gift, you will find the key grilling tools included in this set along with an award winning grilling cookbook that has already sold over a million copies.

This Pro Griller Set includes:

-Waterproof instant read thermometer

-Smoke box

-4 grilling tools: spatula, fork, tongs, baster

-Skewers – pack of 14

-Round vegetable cooker with handle

-2-head steel wire grill brush

-Black apron

-The Grilling Guide Cookbook

-Custom carrying bag for tools, skewers and thermometer

This set does not include items that you don’t need! Other kits/sets try to overwhelm you with quantity versus selecting exactly what you need. The Pro Griller Set is a great selection of items that anyone that grills, smokes or barbecues will use on a regular basis. Our design and manufacturing team ensures high quality standards are met throughout the supply chain and our chief engineer has been working in the consumer goods industry for over 30 years. We stand behind all our products and ensure one hundred percent satisfaction.


HAND SELECTED BY A COMPETITIVE BBQ JUDGE – Grilling and Barbecuing is a great American pastime and having the right grilling accessories are essential. This set was designed by a griller for grillers and each piece was selected to create the perfect grilling accessories set.

GRILLERS CHOICE IS AN AMERICAN COMPANY – Whether you grill, BBQ or smoke, this grilling set has all the key BBQ tools. By bundling all the items together in this set, we are able to pass on significant savings versus buying each item separately. A savings of 61%!

THE BARBEQUE BIBLE COOKBOOK IS INCLUDED – The full-color edition of The Barbecue! Bible, the 900,000-copy bestseller and winner of the IACP/Julia Child Cookbook Award. The book includes photographs illustrating food preparation, grilling techniques, ingredients, and of course those irresistible finished dishes.

25 PIECE GRILLING SET –  The Pro Grillers Set includes 4 grilling tools (spatula, tongs, fork, basting brush), waterproof instant read thermometer, smoke box, 2-head grill cleaning brush, BBQ skewers, round vegetable cooker with handle, apron, The Barbeque Bible and custom carrying case.

PERFECT GIFT SET – Buy it for yourself or as a gift! The Pro Grillers Set is perfect for anyone who grills, smokes or BBQ’s. Whether you use propane, natural gas, charcoal, pellets or wood, this is a perfect gift set for him or her. No other grilling set like this one!