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Grillers Choice

Griddle Cleaning Kit-Flat Top Grill Cleaner: 3 Cleaning Block,4 Scouring Pad,1 Cleaning Brush,1 Scraper. Heavy Duty Grill Cleaning Kit

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Grillers Choice provides commercial quality griddle and grilling accessories for both professionals and back yard enthusiasts. Our products are designed and developed by a chef and competitive BBQ judge. This griddle cleaning tools has all the essentials: griddle cleaning brick (3), griddle scouring pad (3), griddle brush (1), griddle scraper (1). This is a must have flat top grill cleaning kit that every person who owns a griddle or grill needs. Buy for yourself or for a gift.


1 SCRAPER: This BBQ cleaning kit is the perfect griddle kit for flat top griddles. The scraper can be used for large pieces of stuck on food and debris.

3 CLEANING BLOCKS: The grill brick for flat top griddles will handle smaller pieces of food and debris. Easily takes care of rust and baked on food. This griddle stone can be used on both grills and griddles.

4 SCOURING PADS: The scouring pads finish the cleaning process and leaves your griddle ready to to cook. This accessory is a great griddle tool that will leave your griddle clean.

1 CLEANING BRUSH HANDLE: This brush handle will make cleaning your griddle or grill quick work that is easy on your hands.

MULTIPLE USES: This griddle accessory kit can be used on griddles, grills, pots, pans, kitchen appliances, sinks, kitchen utensils, etc