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Griller's Choice Outdoor Griddle Grill Propane Gas Flat Top - Hood Included, 36,000 BTU's and 450 sq inch Flat Top Grill, Paper Towel Holder

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Griller's Choice understands the demanding needs of both professional cooks and outdoor enthusiasts.  We have created this flat top griddle grill to meet those demanding needs with all the key features you need to create restaurant quality meals.

The griddle has 450 square inches of cooking surface which will allow you to cook complete meals for large families and neighborhood parties.  The 36,000 BTU's coupled with the three (3) cooking zones will provide quick, even heat that allows for maximum flexibility in cooking.  We include 10 disposable grease cup liners to facilitate fast and easy clean-up.  Paper towel holder included. Time is precious and we want you spending time with family and friends, not cleaning up!

Having space for ingredients, spices, sauces, tools, cooked food is very important and that is why we created two (2) huge shelves under the unit and two (2) side shelves. You will have all the storage you need for your culinary creations. The possibilities are limitless.

Our griddle comes with a hood to cover the cooking surface while not in use and the entire unit is black powder coated.  The griddle is thick cold rolled steel and our Griller's Choice Cleaning Kit can be used to clean and bring griddles back to life. As always, Griller's Choice stands behind all our products and our customer service team is available to help with any questions.


  • CREATE RESTAURANT QUALITY FOOD - From Hibachi To Tacos To Stir Fry To Breakfast, Most Restaurant Dishes Can Be Made On This Griddle Grill. A Gas Griddle Flat Top Grill Can Provide The Canvas To Your Next Masterpiece.
  • QUICK COOKING, FAST CLEAN-UP - This Griddle Heats Up Fast And Maintains Temperature To Provide Commercial Quality Heat Control.  Ten (10) Disposable Grease Cup Liners Are Included And Make For A Quick And Easy Clean Up.
  • FAMILY SIZE COOKING AREA - Cook The Entire Meal For Your Family On This Large Cooking Area Griddle.  Three (3) Zone Cooking Allows The Maximum Flexibility And Is Easy To Manage.  Cook Everything From Vegetables To Proteins At The Same Time To Feed A Large Family Or Feed A Group Of Friends.
  • HIBACHI MEALS AT MUCH LOWER COSTS - Cook At Home Versus Going To A Hibachi Steak House Restaurant. Make The Meals You Want, How You Want Them And In The Quantities That You Want. Have Fun And Have Complete Control Of The Experience.
  • DAILY MEALS OR ENTERTAINMENT MUST HAVE - This Outdoor Griddle Grill Is Perfect Of Daily Meals. Heats Up Quick, Cooks Food To Perfection And Is Very Easy To Clean. This Flat Top Grill Can Be Used Year Round And The Meal Possibilities Are Endless!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beyond happy with this griddle!!!

I needed a griddle that would fit my screened in porch. This griddle fit perfectly in the space I have. The griddle cover makes a perfect heat shield while cooking. I keep it 6-8 inches away from the wall and the wall doesn't get warm to the touch.

I assembled exactly as directed in the instructions. It took about 30 minutes using only a Philips screw driver and adjustable wrench. If you tighten all of the bolts and screws, it's solid as a rock. Make sure to tighten the gas connection to the burner unit while you are at it.

Griddle top seasoning:
Seasoned the cooking surface according to instructions provided. The griddle top is very good quality and it seasoned perfectly. Definitely let the griddle surface cool off naturally. I was excited to start cooking and tempted to use water to cool it off after the initial burn-off, but no matter how solid these tops are, they may warp if you dump a cup of water on it.

I started off with some chicken and rice stir fry, then whipped off some breakfast the next morning. All went well and the clean up was super quick.

For the price, you simply cannot beat this griddle.

Great Griddle!

I have used my griddle several times and love it! It was easy to season and the instruction manual really helped. I have made fried rice, chicken and broccoli and even tried my own smash burgers. Food was good and clean-up easy with the disposable grease cups. I love all the storage space...I didn't need a separate table or prep cart.