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Triple Head Double Helix Grill Brush With Scraper. Coils, Bristle Free, 18" Long Handle, 3 in 1 Professional Barbecue Cleaner

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Grill brushes and scrapers are not created equally. I'm a chef, backyard grilling enthusiast and a national BBQ judge. I began the Grillers Choice brand to provide commercial quality tools that meet the demanding requirements of a commercial environment. Cleaning a grill can be a difficult task and over the years, I have used grill brushes that did not clean the grill or after a couple of uses, I had to throw them away. I wanted a low cost, high quality tool that would last and get the job done. I researched hundreds of brushes and tools to clean grills and settled on one unique design. The design takes the best of a number of designs. First, the triple helix coil with scraper. This bristle free design is safe and cleans amazingly well. This design outperformed the other designs I reviewed and was a very efficient brush. Because the brush worked so well, a scraper was not needed! In addition, the handle is long and built to provide an ultra strong handle that results in a commercial quality grilling tool.


SAFE BRISTLE FREE GRILL BRUSH. Our triple helix coils do not have bristles which make the BBQ brush safer than brushes. Also, the triple helix coils perform better than brushes and eliminates the need for harsh scrapers that can damage grates.

DESIGNED BY CHEF AND BBQ JUDGE. This barbeque tool works on all indoor and outdoor grill types. Designed with the professional chef and backyard grilling enthusiast in mind. Best cleaning heavy duty wire brush for gas, charcoal, wood fired grills.

COMMERCIAL QUALITY. Chefs, pitmasters and backyard grilling enthusiasts require sturdy, quality tools that make the job easier to do. This product is made with stainless steel to exacting requirements to meet the high expectations of grillers.

TRIPLE HELIX COILS - RUST FREE. Innovative design with stainless steel coils made for the most demanding environments. The triple helix coils work wonders both on top and the hard to get area, between the grates. Scrapers can damage grates and this grill cleaning brush does the job and gets those hard to get areas between the grates.

FAST CLEANING WITH STRONG 18" HANDLE. This long handle is strong and minimizes direct heat from your fire. Long handles are a must for BBQ brushes for grill. The triple helix coil makes quick work of cleaning your grill.