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Grillers Choice

Digital Instant Read Thermometer- Precise, Backlight, Magnet, Folding Probe. Great for BQQ, Grill, Meat, Candy, Frying

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Grillers Choice is an American brand that represents and celebrates the love of grilling and cooking by both professional chefs and backyard enthusiasts. Our mission is to design and manufacture high quality tools and accessories that are durable and professional grade.

Our Waterproof Instant Digital Thermometer is a must have tool for anyone wanting to quickly and accurately measure the temperature of anything being cooked. With this temperature probe the guess work will be eliminated and your finished product will be perfect. Trying to guess when a steak is the right temp or when chicken/turkey is at the right temp or your candy mixture is correct or your fryer oil is at the right temp is a recipe for disaster. No more mistakes or having to do it over or throwing out. With this commercial quality temperature probe, your efforts in the kitchen and backyard will be elevated and your friends and family will want to know how you did it.


LIGHTENING FAST AND ACCURATE. Precise temperatures in 4 seconds and very easy to read. Now, you no longer need to have your grill top open, smoker door, oven door or lid open more than a few seconds to get an accurate read on whatever you are temping.

EASY TO USE. This thermometer folds and has a magnet for easy storage and retrieval. The large display allows you to easily see the temperature inside, outside, bright sunlight or in the dark. Once you try this temperature probe you will never go back to your old temp gauges.

WATERPROOF. This probe is waterproof so you don't need to worry about rain, steam or splashing. This is a must have in the kitchen or outdoor cooking.

EASY TO CLEAN. Wipe it clean or use running water to clean your new must have tool. Please don't submerge the thermometer in water to clean.

COMMERCIAL QUALITY. The temperature probe is made of 304 stainless steal and is food grade. This is a commercial quality temperature probe that can be used in any food preparation where a temperature needs to be known quickly and efficiently.