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Smoker Wood Chip Box For BBQ Grill. Add Wood Chips To Tray For The Best Tasting Barbeque. Stainless Steel Thick Box For Gas, Charcoal and Wood.

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This smoker chip box for bbq grills uses wood chips to smoke meat and will create the best barbeque with a great flavor profile. Whether you are using propane, natural gas, charcoal or wood to grill, the smoker box adds big flavor to whatever you are smoking. Paring the right wood chip with what you are smoking is not difficult and we have an easy list to reference.

•Apple wood (Apple chips are great for beef, poultry, salmon, trout & other fish)

•Mesquite Wood Chips (Great for brisket)

•Cherry wood (Cherry chips are great for beef, pork, or salmon)

•Hickory wood (Hickory is a versatile wood chip great for smoking all meats, especially pork and ribs)

•Peach Wood Chips (Great for poultry and pork)

This smoker chip box is a very inexpensive way to create mouth-watering smoked meat that the more expensive smokers create. With practice, you can create amazing smoked meat with this amazingly inexpensive smoking tool. Wood chips NOT included.


BARBECUE JUDGE DESIGNED - This box was designed by a chef and national BBQ judge who knows a thing or two about great tasting barbeque .

EASY TO USE - Soak your chips, add them to your box, place over coals or on grate. Easy to add chips during the cooking process.

COMMERCIAL QUALITY - Stainless steel chip box can be used with charcoal, gas or wood. Designed with the right amount of holes to give the best flavor profile.

AWESOME FLAVOR - Use apple, hickory, or whatever woodchip you want to create the best tasting meat, fish and vegetables.

NOVICE TO PROFESSIONAL - A must have tool for yourself or a great gift. This smoke accessory has been designed for ease of use and for all skill levels.